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Hand operated CMF-16 lever shear does to steel
what scissors do to paper.
It cuts straight.
It cuts irregular shapes.
It cuts sheets of any length.
The length of the cut is not a limitation.
It can cut long sheets by repeatedly raising and lowering the lever as you feed the material through the machine.
It can cut a "V" shape into the material (not possible with a conventional shear).
Due to their unique design, the operator can clearly see the cutting line.
It can cut a wide range of materials, from a single sheet of paper to 18 gauge mild steel.
Play the following animation to see the
machine cutting irregular shapes

dummy-irregular-color-small.gif (11875 bytes)

Play the following animation to see the
machine cutting sheets of any length

dummy-long-color-small.gif (10957 bytes)

Play the following video to see
the machine working

Simple machine / simple maintenance

Special table-top surface allows the work to slide easily

Hold-down system does not allow material to move during the cutting cycle

Includes two adjustable guides (table-top and lateral) for straight or tapered cutting

Lever is fully counterbalanced (the position of the counterweight is adjustable)

Cutting capacity: 18 gauge cold rolled mild steel and other materials

High quality blades made in Europe ensure long life and clean cuts

Length of cutting blade: 43"

Overall dimensions (LWH): 108" x 30" x 44.5"

Table top dimensions: 55" x 24"

Net weight: 800 pounds

Click here to see the machine
rotating 360
Click here to read the
operating manual
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